Productivity Advantages

  • Full-Service web-based Automated Payroll
  • Employer & Employee self-services accessible 24/7
  • Paperless payroll with multiple payment options: Direct Deposit, Paper Checks & Paycards
  • Seamless Integration with Time & Attendance & HR services
  • Timely Payroll Compliance Filing
  • Access from mobile device, tablet or laptop for convenience
  • Accountants Payroll Advantage: other non-payroll benefits.
  • FREE one month payroll!

Complete Payroll Management Designed For You!

Payroll is one of your highest business expenses. Properly managed payroll means increased profits to boost your bottom line.

2 Ways to work with us – to meet your staff requirements

We provide full Payroll Management Services comparable to the best of the best – but with more personalized attention and other advantages over payroll-only companies.

With our comprehensive payroll services you benefit from:
  • Accurate Payroll calculations, with all Federal & State deductions, on a periodic basis
  • Preparation and delivery of Payroll checks by mail or remote printing at your office, through Direct Deposit into Employee banks and other options
  • Paying both Federal and State Withholding Taxes on a timely basis
  • Paying FUTA and SUTA Taxes
  • Timely Filing of Payroll Tax Return Forms, 941, 940s, FUTA and SUTA
  • Year end W-2s, W-3s and informational returns such as 1099s and 1096s
  • Timely responses to Federal and/or State correspondence relating to payroll
Employer Self Services – 24/7/365
  • Online Payroll Entry for hours and employee information. You can also send hourly information by Fax or call-in.
  • Time & Attendance Software that provides better control of labor cost, resulting in measureable savings.
  • Access to our Legal and Business forms Library for various HR & Employment forms as well as other useful business forms.
  • Access to all Payroll Reports including W-2s W-3s, 940, 941 and 1099 reports
Employee Self Services – 24/7/365
  • Online access to enter or update your W-4 information
  • View and print copies of checks and YTD payroll reports
  • View and print copies of W-2s, 1099 Misc. and other employee payroll information

Our Online Payroll Services Advantages:

• Totally web based for more accurate and timely services. Complete 24/7 accessibility 365 days a year from mobile device, laptops, desktops or notepads with Internet service.

• Payroll submissions also accepted by fax or telephone.

• Paychecks sent via web, mail or direct deposit into employee banks.

• Timely and accurate calculation of all Federal, State and local employment taxes along with filing of all compliance forms.

Convenient Employee Services:

• Employee access via smart phone apps to enter time, view historical data, access pay stubs, W-2s and update W-4 information.

• Employees can receive payment by Checks, Direct Deposit, or Paycards.

Do It Yourself Payroll Option:

Want to handle your own payroll? Count on us to set up a payroll software system you can use wherever there’s Internet service for complete control over your own payroll. For accounting clients, we will retrieve your payroll data on a periodic basis and integrate with the rest of your financial data for a clear picture of your business financials. Should you no longer have time for processing payroll we are always ready to take over from where you left off – transferring ALL your payroll data seamlessly to either mySmallBusinessPay or my Pay Solution.

Looking for Payroll Only Services?

Our Accountants’ Payroll Advantage delivers BONUS advantages to you!

With our Cloud based payroll solution, Accountants’ Payroll Advantage, you’ll enjoy a full range of Self Services that give both employers and employees 24/7 access from all mobile devices, laptops or note pads with Internet services.

Want to work with My Small Business Accountants exclusively for Payroll Services? We go the extra mile. We’ll not only accommodate all your payroll needs. You also get the Accountants’ Payroll Advantage FREE BONUS.

This BONUS includes a host of supportive accounting services from us at no additional charge! Have a tax question? Need a second or third opinion on accounting questions? Require a special tax form? Because you’re a valued client, we bend over backwards to assist you in ways never experienced through PAYROLL ONLY companies such as ADP, PAYCHEX and others that are not service oriented or accounting savvy.

See for yourself.


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