Let’s face it, most small businesses are not that organized when it comes to their accounting and bookkeeping. That’s not surprising since accounting and bookkeeping is not their core competence. Firms that charge hourly end up billing more than those with a fixed fee structure. For that reason we DO NOT charge on an hourly basis. Instead, we evaluate your operation along with the services you need from us and come up with a fixed fee to be paid monthly. We also quote for a one-time engagement. For work outside the scope of an existing engagement, we will first discuss the parameters and come up with a separate fee agreement before proceeding with the work. There will never be any surprises or hidden charges during any of our engagements. Our services are quite reasonably priced as compared to other accounting firms and we guarantee you will always get high value for your money. Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

What you do not know can seriously hurt you in the business world today! Choosing dependable support services is a crucial first step for any business. Each business entity type: corporation, C- or S-Corp, partnership and sole proprietorships have different filing, reporting and taxing requirements. Certain businesses are better set up as a corporation. Then one must decide whether it is a C- or S-Corp. Choosing the wrong entity can be costly down the road. There are several Federal and State government regulations that businesses must comply with to avoid facing stiff penalties. In addition, several licensing requirements, by state and local government, for different types of businesses must be in place before one can operate legally in that state or county. Another crucial factor is deciding whether to use employees and/or subcontractors. There are steep penalties for misclassification of workers that we can help you guard against. We offer a free consultation during which we can answer all your questions.

Of course. Budgeting is simply an income and expense plan projected into the future, usually between one to three years. By setting a budget and comparing your actual spending to the budget as you progress, you can explore why you ran over or under budget for any particular expense category. A budget helps you set a realistic income and expense goals for a period of time and serves as a guide, throughout that period, regarding how to achieve those goals. In summary, a budget can help you be proactive in your decision-making. However, it can be a tough process. Count on us to assist you every step of the way.

Yes, we are Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors and well versed in the workings of QuickBooks. We can help to set up QuickBooks in your office and train you or your staff on using the software. We also can maintain all your bookkeeping activities on QuickBooks either in our office or yours. If you prefer anytime/anywhere access to QuickBooks then we will set up QuickBooks online QBO for you. We can compare that option with QuickBooks Pro, which offers more advanced features than QBO and may even be easier to use. We are delighted to announce that through a third party affiliate, we can now offer an online version of QuickBooks Pro — the desktop version! You can access all the powerful features of the desktop version online with 24/7/365 access. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes! Our CPAs and qualified accountants can work alongside your bookkeeper providing guidance and expert advice. As independent accountants we offer another “set of eyes” over your books and operation. This additional form of internal control is especially valuable for small businesses that do not have enough staff to separate some important duties. Another advantage is that we cover tasks when your bookkeeper is unable to work or quits unexpectedly. All your systems will be in capable hands until you find another bookkeeper.

If you need additional paper or electronic copies of a tax return, tax organizer or other document we have on file, you may request copies by contacting our CPAs or staff at any time. Even better would be taking advantage of our secure client portal available to our clients with 24/7/365 access to all your documents – and more. Check out our Client Enterprise Office Solution, a comprehensive Virtual Office available to clients for free!

Yes, we like to meet with our clients periodically to discuss their financials. Most small business owners do not know how to use their financial statements to make proactive decisions. We will help point out the key performance indicators of your business and advise you on how to improve where necessary. We are always available to join your management or board meetings when you need our input for any major decision-making. We do not charge for phone calls and we invite you to call whenever you have questions so we can help you make more informed decisions. Our ultimate goal is the success of your business!

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